God has a redemptive plan for each person, and he also has a plan for each community. In John Dawson’s book “ Taking Our Cities for God” he asks the question “Why is your city here?”. Dawson also says “Your city is God’s City”.

After attending one of his conferences I was challenged to find out why our community is here. While studying the history of Bath County, Va. I found that the start of our community was built around the healing, refreshing waters that
spring forth in this area. Our history started with people coming to this area to be refreshed by the waters. The pioneers that settled in this mountainous region were strong willed and independent. They had to be to survive.  I truly believe this is an indication of the redemptive gift of Bath County and the surrounding area. Highland County, Va. has the Headwaters, Pocahontas County WV. is known as the birthplace of rivers. Bath County’s rich history is all rooted around the springs. The very name “Bath” County speaks of refreshing.

"There is a river whose streams shall make glad the city of God”
Ps 46:4a. When people today come and visit Bath County our prayer has been and will continue to be that God’s redemptive gift of healing and refreshing will overflow them. We pray that God will use this community for His purpose and His Glory. And the very reason He created these mountains and streams will be fulfilled and satisfied.

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